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Are you cultivating an environment of psychological safety? It may not be the highest priority on your list, but it’s essential for a healthy culture.

How can you get there?

Elias Arjan, Founder and CEO of Business Brain Consulting, talked with me about the power of different perspectives, the importance of strategy, crafting a good pitch, and much more.

Biohacking & the Business of Biohacking - Bernie Chats with Elias Arjan, BioHacking Expert founder of Business Brain, discussing what is biohacking and the biohacking industry.

Get ready for a deep dive into several aspects of biohacking business opportunities and considerations for marketing your biohacking business, the importance of and how to get medical certification, biohacking franchises, startup incubators, as well as identifying your target market including Elias' 4 categories of biohacking consumers and the innovation adoption curve.


This episode is essential listening for people who want to better understand:

  1. Why doing your own research is important and how to do it so you don’t fall into the “confirmation bias” hole
  2. How to take control of your life and your reality in times of chaos to create structure and order that allows for growth and abundance
  3. The hardest challenge when it comes to creating a new identity for yourself, and how to make it super simple & easy

Elias Arjan, a prominent name in the bio-wearable space, discusses the potential of bio-wearables, some of his early experiments with biohacking, his take on nutrition and a lot more in this episode....


On today's episode of The Red Light Report, Elias talks in depth about his passion for evidence-based biohacking and how that would help combat misinformation and over-hyped marketing, ultimately empowering the consumer. He is also a bonafide expert in all things wearables and biometrics, so he shares his knowledge in these areas as well.

This episode focuses on showing how Biostrap is a game-changer in the health and wellness industry. Elias will discuss its features and how its recorded biometrics can make you consciously aware of your health. He will also share on why we tend to overlook simple biohacks, seeing the shift in prioritizing rest, and how he sees the future with Biostrap.

Listen as we take biohacking to the next level with Biostrap.

We break down the basics of biohacking and anti-fragility on this episode of the Far Out with Faust podcast. Meet Elias Arjan of Biohackers Collective (a health and cognitive optimization community), and an ex ec with Biostrap wearable tech. He’s at the forefront of the DIY biology and the longevity extension movement.

Get ready for a crash course in biohacking 101: what it means, how it fits into our current culture, and most critically, how to hack the hack. According to Arjan, biohackers believe that you can manipulate your internal and external environment to optimize your life: your body, your mind, your experience in the world. We’ll give you a list of his top biohacks — stay tuned!

Have you heard of the term “biohacking”?

In this episode Dr. Jay has an in-depth conversation with Elias Arjan about all things related to health optimization. Elias is a personal friend and fellow health enthusiast. He's recognized as an expert in corporate training, talent optimization and business development. Elias draws upon his 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, sales professional, actor and speaker to develop high performing leaders, teams and organizations. He’s also the Senior Vice President of Biostrap which is an incredible sleep tracking tool that we discuss in the show as well.

Quantified Self/Wearable Tech

Jenny and Dan meet with Senior Vice President for Biostrap Elias Arjan to talk wearable technology and its potential as a training tool for clients and trainers alike.

Elias is interviewed on this top-rated health science, fitness, and wellness interview podcast featuring bleeding edge experts and entrepreneurs.

Today we meet with Elias Arjan, the Senior Vice President at Biostrap, one of our favorite biohacking wearables on the market. The Biostrap provides the highest data integrity, captures biometrics at clinical-grade accuracy, measures your sleep cycles and syncs with your phone in a matter of a few minutes, so you will know exactly how ready your body is to face the day.

While similar to other wearables in that it tracks your steps and resting heart rate, it goes further by testing heart rate variability, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and sleep efficiency. We discuss how Elias got into health improvement and the moment that he realized health was a choice and not just something you’re born with. There are various factors you have to consider when thinking about biohacking, such as gender, age, and current physical well being, before you decide how to approach your health and we talk about all of these factors here.

In this episode, Elias Arjan and I talk about the new edition of the Biostrap, the BiostrapEVO.

I’ve now been using Biostrap EVO for over a month and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the data I am getting.

The BiostrapEVO along with the Shoe pod and external Heart Rate Monitor together provide one of the most advanced wearable health, activity and sleep-tracking devices on the market. The Biostrap EVO enables you to get deeper insights about your body at various points in time by providing clinical-grade data. I’m really impressed with the detailed and highly accurate data readings, exercise tracking, and recovery recommendations based on exercise, exertion, sleep quality and recovery.

Another great feature of Biostrap is the heart rate monitor that provides heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation and respiratory rate monitoring. With the upcoming release of the Heart Lab - a new feature, Biostrap EVO customers will also be able to assess and track a relatively new metric: arterial age.

Today I welcomed Elias Arjan, SVP of Biostrap to talk about this absolutely fabulous device, the Biostrap EVO, which provides you with accurate metrics to manage important aspects of your health. We discussed all things health related and the importance of knowing how various lifestyle modifications can impact your health.

In the latest episode, I speak with Elias Arjan Senior Vice President at BioStrap. Elias is longtime BioHacker who has turned a hobby in the fitness training industry to becoming deeply involved in HealthTech and the advancement of technology to support health. We dig into the importance of measuring your personalized metrics, not measured against all of society and why a medical-grade device, like BioStrap, is so important in aiding better decision-making on your wellness journey.